Camp: With Family

About 2 years ago, me and the family went up to Leelanau, MI! It was a blast, the weather was perfect, no rain whatsoever. Here are some shots I took while we were there! IMG_2418IMG_2420IMG_2421IMG_2423IMG_2431IMG_2437IMG_2450IMG_2474IMG_2475IMG_2476IMG_2477IMG_2478IMG_2479IMG_2480IMG_2483IMG_2484IMG_2489IMG_2492IMG_2507IMG_2509IMG_2514IMG_2516IMG_2517IMG_2532IMG_2540IMG_2547IMG_2552IMG_2553IMG_2554IMG_2555IMG_2556IMG_2557IMG_2558IMG_2560IMG_2561IMG_2566IMG_2567IMG_2568IMG_2570IMG_2574IMG_2575IMG_2579IMG_2581IMG_2591IMG_2593IMG_2596IMG_2598IMG_2604IMG_2606IMG_2607IMG_2609IMG_2612IMG_2613IMG_2614IMG_2615IMG_2617IMG_2618IMG_2619IMG_2624IMG_2625IMG_2658IMG_2659


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