Serving Livonia: Wilson Barn Car Show

We had the amazing opportunity to help with the Wilson Barn Car show in Livonia, Michigan. God has been moving The Way Church out into the community, and for it, we have been receiving blessings. God is going to do amazing things with this church! IMG_3986IMG_3987IMG_3991IMG_3995IMG_3996IMG_3998IMG_4003IMG_4004IMG_4007IMG_4009IMG_4013IMG_4014IMG_4018IMG_4019IMG_4026IMG_4032IMG_4033IMG_4036IMG_4041IMG_4044IMG_4046IMG_4052IMG_4054IMG_4057IMG_4059IMG_4065IMG_4068IMG_4071IMG_4080IMG_4086IMG_4092IMG_4097IMG_4100IMG_4101IMG_4102IMG_4103IMG_4104IMG_4105IMG_4107IMG_4108IMG_4110IMG_4111IMG_4112IMG_4113IMG_4114IMG_4115IMG_4116IMG_4118IMG_4119IMG_4120IMG_4121IMG_4122IMG_4126


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