Modeling Portraits: Adam Westerbur

Here is a shoot I did, with my future brother in-law Adam Westerbur, This was his first time in front of the camera with his new hair. It was a hot 90 degree day, but we pushed through and got some great frames! ENJOY! IMG_6637IMG_6648IMG_6649IMG_6655IMG_6656IMG_6661IMG_6674IMG_6680IMG_6685IMG_6690IMG_6692IMG_6696IMG_6701IMG_6702IMG_6704IMG_6712IMG_6718IMG_6726IMG_6730IMG_6736IMG_6742IMG_6743IMG_6746IMG_6764IMG_6774IMG_6780IMG_6782IMG_6794IMG_6814IMG_6822IMG_6823IMG_6839IMG_6845IMG_6858IMG_6861IMG_6867IMG_6885IMG_6890IMG_6897IMG_6900IMG_6904IMG_6914IMG_6923IMG_6925IMG_6942IMG_6946IMG_6949IMG_6958IMG_6965IMG_6973IMG_6980IMG_6985IMG_6997IMG_7001IMG_7034IMG_7038IMG_7046


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