Hello there fellow humans!

My name is Katelyn Cheng, you all could call me Katie. I know what you are all thinking, “Ktothet Photography is a clever name, ” and I am here to say thank you, I made it up myself. I am a Youth Pastor, and currently going to Northpoint Bible College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I’m Hmong, if you would like to know more about that, you can google it –or you can click on this link– https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hmong_people

I love to sleep, EAT, sing, act like a fool, and hug people. You will also catch a glimpse of me in some of these pictures, either looking like a hideous creature, or looking like a normal human being

a.Hideous Creature                                 b. Normal Human Girl

One major thing about me that is very significant… I. LOVE. CATS. With a burning passion. I have three wonderful children! In order of the pictures, Yumi, Peanut, and Gummi Bear. ❤

I also have an amazing boyfriend, Alec Westerbur. He is my highschool sweetheart. 2017 will be five years for us! WOOT WOOT! He is an outstanding being, and I thank God for him coming into my life at the perfect time!

This blog is designated for my photography. I have been involved in Photography since I was in high school, it is definitely one of my passions! So I hope you enjoy everything that I post!!!!! 🙂